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Solaris 10, activar SSH en modo Single User

Para activar el servicio SSH cuando tenemos Solaris 10 arrancado en modo Single User, habría que hacer lo siguiente:

# svcadm enable system/filesystem/local
# svcadm enable milestone/sysconfig
# svcadm enable system/utmp
# svcadm enable network/ssh

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Rutas estáticas persistentes en Solaris 10

Desde la versión Solaris 10 11/06, se ha facilitado la forma de incluir rutas estáticas persistentes en la tabla de rutas.  Del man de route(1M):

-p             Make changes to the network route tables per-
sistent across system restarts. The operation
is applied  to  the  network  routing  tables
first  and, if successful, is then applied to
the list  of  saved  routes  used  at  system
startup.  In determining whether an operation
was successful, a failure to add a route that
already  exists  or to delete a route that is
not in the routing table is ignored. Particu-
lar  care  should be taken when using host or
network  names  in  persistent   routes,   as
network-based  name  resolution  services are
not available at the time routes are added at

Si queremos añadir una ruta estática:

# route -p add default

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